Message from the Future

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 What are we going to feel, grasp, and imagine from all works of art placed, hanged and set up here in Kiryu Performing Arts Center. In the making of their pieces, every artist visited the sight and started with picturing, conceptualizing and simply drawing a sketch. It went beyond expectations of the architectural design. For each artist, it was a discovering process of the origin that would confront new environment.
 All works of art hold significant theme of universal beauty and embodiment of flexible mind; as a result, they display equivalent strength to extremely unique architecture of the center. By not relying and falling into line with the originality of the architecture, this project had produced some epochal pieces.
 Among those pieces a work of art that deserves a special mention is "Steelweave I" in the atrium.
 It is a result of fateful encounter of stainless steel yarn and macrogauze technique. This project superbly united a new material inspired by the idea of worldly known textile planner Junichi Arai and the original weaving technique of stunningly skilled, wise and witty Peter Collingwood, the weaver. His work "Steelweave I" should be recognized as a historical event and will be acknowledged by coming generations. Something that is happening only here in Kiryu, truly the "world's first at Kiryu". It was a creation as well as an answer to a call of the future at the base of tradition.
 I can not give enough thanks for this opportunity filled with creativity and excitement. I would really like for people to face each piece and understand the messages sent out from them.

with great appreciation,

Kiryu  City Performing Arts Center Art Work Coordinator
Minori Yamazaki
May 1997